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Imperial Decrees
03-28-2013, 07:20 PM (This post was last modified: 03-28-2013 07:54 PM by Johnny.)
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RE: Imperial Decrees
After an extended period of inactivity it has come to my attention that a small group of disaffected citizens of the Empire have actively been conspiring to usurp the government. Because the interim House of Representatives has failed to act, I must unilaterally act to ensure that the government of the Empire does no succumb to the illegal acts these "revolutionaries" seek to unleash.

Effective immediately the interim House will be suspended in its current state. Elections will be postponed until the threat to the Empire has been averted. I have conferred with the Imperial Council and they have stated that, being the majority of the House, they do no oppose my action. The Imperial Council will act as the primary law forming body in the Empire and will be granted license by me, as Emperor, to issue decrees on my behalf that will have the full force of Imperial Decrees and to enact laws with the full powers of the House of Representatives. They shall thus have the full enumerated powers of both the Emperor and the House of Representatives as outlined in the Constitution. They may not, however, alter the first article of the Constitution.

Certain provisions of the Constitution will, because of the nature of this crisis, be suspended. I will leave the decision as to which provision at the discretion of the Imperial Council. I will always maintain that even though I am giving the Imperial Council these powers, any actions they take must be considered as independent from my actions. I will not necessarily agree with all the actions they take, but they have license to do anything necessary to protect the Empire.

Because of the extreme nature of these actions I feel I must explain the full state of this crisis. It has come to my attention today that a small group of revolutionary anarchists have been making plans to take over the House of Representatives by force and seek to impose a new political order on the nation. I, in my capacity as Emperor, must see to the maintenance of the political structure of the Empire and maintain order. These radicals seeks to destroy the very fabric of our society. I feel I must clarify that I am not discriminating against all anarchists, I realize they form a legitimate political ideology that should be protected in its rights to express itself. However, these so called revolutionaries seek to use violence and intimidation to achieve their goals, something I greatly oppose. Therefore we must use all our power to prevent them from taking power and imposing their will on us.
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