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Concerning the Monarch's Position in Parliaments
02-28-2013, 10:19 AM (This post was last modified: 02-28-2013 10:20 AM by Johnny.)
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Concerning the Monarch's Position in Parliaments
Having just noticed that there is no set of rules in place for determining my eligibility for Parliament, I hereby issue the following decree on Monarchical positions in Parliament.

The Monarch will be a member of Parliament as a noble so long as they hold at least one noble title within the Imperial Kingdom below the rank of Monarch.

Therefore, so long as I as King hold the title of Earl of Livonia, I will be entitled to sit as a member of Parliament in any Parliament if I so desire.

However, in an effort to maintain my neutrality, I may at any time recuse myself from its proceedings.

Furthermore, I will recuse myself from voting on all lists of appointments to the House of Representatives of the Empire of Livonia. Since it is my monarchical duty to make those appointments, I feel it is my duty to remove myself from voting on those matters.

In votes where I recuse myself, my vote will be considered an abstention but will never count against a required majority. If a majority were to be in existence without counting my vote at all, then there will be considered to be a full majority as required at any time. For example, if there are four members of Parliament including myself, and a two-thirds majority is required; if i recuse myself and the other votes are 2 yea and 1 nay, the measure will pass even though technically only 50% of the votes are in favor. (For clarification just ask me about it).

Further, I will recuse myself from all votes and discussions concerning the formulation of decorum, etiquette, and procedures for Parliament so that I do not contaminate the process.
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