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Declaration of Universal Annexation
12-23-2012, 05:05 PM
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Declaration of Universal Annexation
Declaration of Universal Annexation

Henceforth all individuals living within the territorial borders of the Empire of Livonia are considered under its jurisdiction. All individuals will immediately become full citizens in the Empire with all the rights that entails. All property will be subject to Imperial regulation and taxation. Any individual who wishes to opt out must make an expressed statement to that effect to the Office of the Prime Minister. Individuals who opt out will be respected and shall not be bothered by the government of the Empire of Livonia.

The government realizes that this will create a huge influx of new concerns. Informational pamphlets will be distributed to all citizens advising them of the change of circumstance. These pamphlets will include a full description of the governmental structure of Livonia, their rights as citizens as well as their duties as citizens, and all other relevant information. The government will hold regular town hall meetings in the coming weeks to address all the concerns of our new citizens.

The following statements are directed towards the government of the United States. The Empire of Livonia does not wish to create unnecessary complications. We therefore will not restrict the movement of persons or property between the United States and the Empire of Livonia. Livonian citizens will remain US citizens as well. We hope that the government of the United States will respect our changes.
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