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Concerning the Creation of Noble Titles
I do hereby decree that anyone that is a noble shall have the right to petition the Emperor to create a noble fief below them that shall be subject to their direct jurisdiction.

In order to create a new noble title, approval from the Emperor must be given expressly. Any noble that creates a title without the permission of the Emperor may have all their titles stripped.

New titles must have land attached to them. Titles without land may only be created by the Emperor for honorific purposes.

All nobles will be subject to the nobles above them in position leading all the way up to the Emperor. Any higher noble may direct the actions of their subordinate. Nobles may not direct the actions of lower nobles who are not inside their jurisdiction without the prior, express permission of the noble who is rightly the superior of the lower noble in question.

Only certain titles may be used in new fiefs. The following shall be a list of all acceptable noble titles with the highest noble titles at the top:

[*]Grand Duke/Grand Duchess

Those holding the only title of Knight will not be permitted the right to petition for a title below them.

When a title is created, the Emperor will issue Letters Patent creating the title. In the letters the Emperor will give the name of the title, the name of the title holder, the coat of arms of the title, a map of the lands held by the title, and the succession law that will govern the title. None of these elements may be in any way altered without the express permission of the Emperor.

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