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Imperial Council Decrees
This shall contain a list of all decrees the Imperial Council makes during the current state of emergency.[hr]

Order No. 1: By order of the Imperial Council the right to freedom of assembly, due process, and privacy are hereby revoked until the end of the current crisis.

Order No. 2: The Imperial Army is granted the authority to arrest any individual for any reason and to hold them for an unlimited amount of time.
Order No. 3: The following will be added to the Constitution as Article 10

Quote:Article 10: Enabling Acts
[list=1][*]The House of Representatives may issue enabling acts that can grant any other constitutionally created government body the power to legislate independently of the House and its processes.
[*]An enabling act can specify exactly which powers are to be granted to the enabled body.
[*]Enabling acts can have an effect for no longer than one year. After this period ends the House must vote again to determine whether it will extend length of the enabling act in one-year increments.
[*]The House may declare a state of emergency when issuing an enabling act. If a state of emergency is declared with an enabling act, then the enabled body may take super-constitutional, plenary powers that would allow the enabled body to, during its period of enabling, govern in a fashion that is not wholly constitutional. This can include, but is not limited to, the power to suspend civil liberties, declare martial law, to take on judicial powers, and to make changes to the Constitution.
[*]In the event that the House determines, whether because of inactivity or severe emergency, it cannot issue an enabling act then the Emperor will be vested with the power to issue equally powerful and binding enabling acts. The Prime Minister will be granted the power to make the determination as to whether the House is able to issue an enabling act. Furthermore, if the House is determined unable to issue an enabling act, then the Prime Minister will also make the determination as to whether a state of emergency is warranted.[/list]

This amendment will be considered fully in force immediately. No vote will be taken on this amendment. Ascent of the Emperor will be assumed since he granted us the power to issue decrees in his name.[hr]
Order No. 4: In accordance with Article 10 of the Constitution I, as Prime Minister, declare a state of emergency exists in the Empire of Livonia. Furthermore I determine that the House, due to extended inactivity, is unable to issue an enabling act and I therefore under my powers in Article 10 use my authority to issue an enabling act. Here reads the full text of the Enabling Act of 2013:

Quote:Be it resolved that under the provisions of Article 10 of the Constitution an enabling act is now passed.
[list=1][*]Plenary power will granted to the Imperial Council to undertake [b]all[/b] legislative responsibilities and powers granted to the House of Representatives in Article 3 of the Constitution of the Empire of Livonia.
[*]The Imperial Council will have plenary power to issue decrees or laws the may restrict the constitutional rights of citizens.
[*]The Emperor will have no veto power over decrees or laws issued by the Imperial Council. He will, however, still retain the power to issue independent decrees. In the event of a conflict between decrees of the Emperor and the Imperial Council, those issued by the Imperial Council will be considered to supersede those of the Emperor.
[*]The Imperial Council will be granted [b]all[/b] judicial powers outlined in Article 4 of the Constitution. The activities of the Supreme Court are hereby suspended.
[*]The Prime Minister will be granted special status in the Imperial Council to formulate and issue decrees and laws without the prior consent or knowledge of the other council members. However, the full council may vote at any time to veto any decree or law that was issued on the sole authority of the Prime Minister.
[*]The Prime Minister alone may never issue a decree or law the removes or replaces any member of the Imperial Council. Removals or replacements must obtain the prior consent of the full Imperial Council.
[*]The Imperial Council will, by a simple majority, determine all of its procedures and rules. Each council member, regardless of the number of ministries they are in charge or, will have only one vote.
[*]This enabling act will expire on its own no later than March 29th, 2014. At any time the Imperial Council, by a 3/4 majority, may issue a law that rescinds the effects of this act and returns the government to normal constitutional governance.[/list]
Order No. 5: Anyone found to be publicly professing anarchist ideas and then promoting the overthrown of the Livonian government will be immediately arrested. They will then be held indefinitely.

Order No. 6: Military personnel that encounter any anarchist rebels will be granted permission to shoot on sight (with airsoft/paintball guns only).

Order No. 7: This government, and its agents, will under no circumstances seek to negotiate with any anarchist group.[hr]
Order No. 8: Any political party found to profess anarchist ideology will be immediately banned[hr]
Order No. 9: All non-essential civilian personnel are now called up for conscription. At their draft hearing they will be asked about their political ideology and any anarchists will be promptly arrested.
Order No. 10: Citizens will not be permitted to gather in groups larger than 5 individuals without the prior permission of the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Order No. 11: Approved gatherings must have the attendance of a Ministry assigned agent to observe the events of the gathering. Any observations made by the agent may be used to arrest or indict a citizen for illegal activities.

Order No. 12: Until further notice sedition will be illegal. Sedition will be defined as any speech, whether spoken or written, that criticizes any act of the central government or any government official or institution. Sedition will also extend to any speech that, whether malicious or not, defames the character or image of the central government, it's agents, and it's institutions.

Order No. 13: The Imperial Secret Service will be extended the powers to undertake any and all actions, necessary to bring an end to the anarchist crisis. They will be permitted to detain individuals indefinitely at any location. They may use enhanced interrogation techniques to gather information. The ISS will also be given full power to investigate and prosecute any individuals found to be aiding or harboring anarchist rebels.

Order No. 14: A permanent Council of Justice will be instituted that will have judicial powers to judge any and all cases regarding anarchist rebels, their financiers, and their accomplices. The Council of Justice will be comprised of the Prime Minister, Supreme High Councillor of the Imperial Defence Force, and the Minister of Internal Affairs. Rulings will be based on a majority of the Councillors. All rulings will be final and not subject to any appeal. The Emperor may not pardon or give reprieve to individuals indicted by the Council of Justice. The Imperial Secret Service will act as the prosecutor in all cases before the Council of Justice.

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